• Constructed: 1960 (Germany)
  • Wrecked: 1988
  • Length of ship: 76m (250ft)
  • Wreck location: Ras Gharib, Egypt.
  • Depth range of wreck: surface 10m
  • The Wreck Today
  • The bridge and superstructure are located aft and have collapsed. The holds, which run continuously through the ship, still contain some of her cargo – hundreds of 120ml bottles of cough medicine lie in the silt and the surrounding sand, and long lengths of aluminium extrusion lie in twisted heaps. Two huge and very photogenic A-frame derricks run horizontal, flanking the holds. A radio mast runs out from the bridge area. The fo’c’sle has evidence of other items of cargo stored there. Handrails and flagstaffs are intact, and several bulk headlamps can still be seen. The prop and rudder are still in place in only 7 metres of water. Several mast lamps, complete with lenses, remain in their appropriate place.
  • Given the shallow depth, there is plenty of time to explore this fascinating shipwreck – with the bonus of strong sunlight and varied marine life which includes shoaling barracuda and fusiliers, emperor angelfish, crocodile fish, torpedo rays as well as encrusting corals and sponges on the hull and fittings. However, the site is subject to swell as the seabed is sandy and visibility can be greatly reduced in poor weather.