SAFAGA Safaga Dive Sites


  • GPS – Position 26° 39.18′ N 34° 06.58′ E

  • Depth: Top of the reef 3m, plateau 10-30m, dropping to abyss Location. Around 100 mins from Safaga. Conditions: Like Middle Reef and Panorama.this site is located in the open sea and exposed to the weather. The current can be brutal and some .experience is required for the deep wall dives.
  • Abu Kifan can be described as a small version of Elphinstone. A long, narrow reef extended to the north and south. by slender plateaus, this is one of the .the most renowned walls dives in the Red Sea.
  • Dive plan: In good conditions. the natural choice here is adrift from the north plateau. along the side of the reef, east or west.depending on current and sun angle. The plateau is an absolute world-class dive with a good chance to .see big predators.
  • A dive from the mooring over the south plateau. is also rewarding and consists. of a sheer drop-off at the edge on 25-30m, and
  • beautiful pinnacles. Current and air consumption permitting, you can finish with a safety stop along the wall.
  • What to see: Schools of bannerfish and sweetlips battle .the current. Big groups of giant barracuda .stake out the open water. Hundreds of bright. red common bigeyes aggregate .over the flats of the plateau. This.
  • together with superb black corals.soft corals and the fact that you can find .a good angle at any time of the day, makes this dive site hugely popular amongst underwater photographers.
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