It Starts From Hurghada.

North Region Of Red Sea Is Easy And Amazing Trips Which Mixture Of Beautiful Coral Reef And Great Wrecks.

Ras Mohamed

the most popular dive spot at the red sea. Ras Mohamed is the headland at the southernmost tip of the Sinai Peninsula, overlooking the Gulf of Suez and Gulf of Aqaba. At 1983 it became a national park, protected from fishing and other human activities. It teeming with Marin life, amazing soft coral, enjoy relaxing drift dive along beautiful walls. At blue, you can spot pelagic fish like Barracudas and travely .

Dolphin House

also called Shaab Elerg, a great chance to meet dolphins during diving or at less, you can snorkel with them.

There are more reef dives such as Bluff point, Beacons rock and Shag rock.


one of the best wreck dive on the world, it was English cargo ship sunk 1941 during the world war two, it’s an open museum, still contains locomotives, tanks, motorbikes, riffles, and much more. The wreck also attracts a great Marin life.

Shaab Abu Nuhas

Shaab Abu Nuhas is a large triangular-shaped reef located at the south entrance of straits of Gubal. So no wonder why it`s nickname is “The ship graveyard of the red sea”. A great mix of wrecks between historic and modern (Giannis D, Carnatic, Marcus, Kimon M)

There are other wrecks such as Dunraven, Kingston and the great wreck of Rosalie Moller

Strait of Tiran

North on the Eastern side of the Sinai Peninsula is the Strait of Tiran, one of the most famous diving areas in the Red Sea. Situated in the middle of the straits are four coral reefs: Gordon reef, Thomas Reef, Woodhouse Reef and Jackson reef

The Straits of Tiran is more suitable for experienced divers to enjoy superb reefs, drift dives, drop off, deep canyon and bigger Marin life


we offer you to dive the world-famous Blue Hole dive site! It is a large 70 m wide hole within the coral reef going down to 80 m and with a 30 m long arch going to the open sea on its bottom. It is a great dive site for all divers with nice coral reef life, but Deep divers and Tech divers from all over the world come to Dahab to dive under the Blue Hole Arch.

Another fantastic dive site in Dahab is called the Canyon. A classic canyon snake down at sloping sea bed with natural light comes through.

Start from 10m-90m with several entry large point at 20m and 54m.

All certified diver can enjoy the penetration natural reef tunnel.

Million Hope

The Million Hope was a Bulk Cargo Carrier of 16,339 GRT built at Koyo Dockyard, Mihara-Hiroshima, Japan. Originally named the Ryusei Maru upon her being launched on 10 June 1972, she was 174.6 meters in length,24.9 meters in beam, and 10 meters in a draught, with twin 6-cylinder diesel engines and a single shaft for a speed of 17 knots. The ship had 5 massive cargo holds located forward of the superstructure and 4 gantry cranes, one mounted amidships between each of the tanks. The ship operated in the service of various companies between the time of her launching and the time of her loss. Shipwrecks of Egypt has found no reference to any of the shipowners except for the owner at the time of the ship’s loss.

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