Dolphin Trust Trip liveaboard trip

dolphin expeditions there is absolutely no touching or feeding of the dolphins. The beauty of the Egyptian dolphin trips is that they are wild, in their home and that we are the guests. We work hard to ensure that the dolphins’ way of life remains as untouched as possible by the human presence to refine and improve the quality of our swims for both the dolphins and our guests.

This has led to longer interactions, both in and out of the water-with all choices being made by the dolphins. RED SEA DIVING definitely does not condone certain behaviours that some operators use such as circling dolphins to attract them or when the dolphins have left the swimmers in the water, chasing them and jumping in again. Also, we feel that putting 20 to 30 people in the water is counterproductive to both dolphins and the guests in many ways. We average 8 people by zodiac for a more intimate experience. We keep the numbers down and the quality high.

When the dolphins have made the choice to join and interact with us it is a much more mellow, relax and longer interaction-we feel blessed to be a part of it. There is something grand about ending the day on the boat after an active day of dolphins and reefs. To sit on the deck and watch a beautiful sunset with the smells of a wonderful dinner coming up from below. Life is good… There is a dolphin encounter for everyone-and it can be a life-changing week for you. Check it out carefully and feel good about it.

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