El Mina

GPS – Position 27° 13.92′ N 33° 51.57′ E

  • Depth: 17-32m Location: Around 10 mins from central Hurghada. Conditions: Sometimes strong current and poor visibility due to the location just outside the harbour. Some experience required for the depth and wreck.
  • Overview: An Egyptian minesweeper sunk in 1970 by Israeli fighter planes. Now she is resting on her port side outside the harbour at a depth of 25m under the bow, and 32m at the stern.
  • Dive plan: This is an interesting dive if you’ve read up on the dramatic history of the wreck beforehand. The current can be ripping so remember to monitor your air frequently.
  • The top of the wreck is at 17m near to the blast hole where the bomb hit that sunk her. It is tempting to penetrate, but beware of pieces of metal and sharp edges. The starboard side anchor is still in place and the surrounding hull is perforated with bullet holes from the fighter plane’s machine guns. At the stern you find the rudder and propeller
  • intact below the waterline. The deck features winches and cable rolls, and torpedo-like mine sweeping devices that seem ready to be assembled and put into use. Looking through the portholes and hatches you can explore the bridge and radio room without entering the wreck. There is still live ammunition spread around so the rule is not to touch anything here.
  • What to see: Big schools of glassfish find refuge in the plentiful openings of the wreck, where lionfish compete with jackfish trying to catch them. In the bow area, charming red sponges and pyjama slugs present excellent photo opportunities.