Dahab Dive Sites

Gabr el Bint

28°21.190′ N – 34°26.013′ E

  • Gabr el-Bint means The atmosphere is harsh and Tomb of the girl’ and is magnificent, dominated by
  • situated 7.5 kilometres impressive mountains higher south of The Caves: this site is than 1,000 meters (Gebel Umm only accessible by foot, camel Isheirat): you immediately get or boat (one-hour navigation the impression you are visiting from Dahab). The track along one of the few places unspoiled the coast is interrupted after by tourism. The coral reef of 1.5 kilometres from The Caves Gabr el-Bint is basically intact where Bedouins hire out and, beyond the common and camels on which the equipment numerous reef fauna, it is also can be loaded to reach the site
  • pelagic Gabr el-Bint is part of the
  • visited by in about one hour and a half
  • species. the protected area of Nabq and is very interesting for its landscape and from its naturalistic point of view.

  • depth of 20 meters where there are some beautiful gorgonians and shelter, then continue northwards skirting around the madrepore wall directly on your right. Schools of red anthias, parrotfish (family Scaridae), Common lionfish (Pterois miles) and sometimes a Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) swim close to the wall: shoals of trevallies, snappers and emperor fish pass by in the blue. After having
  • passed a double line of nice gorgonians, ascend to 10 meters to enter a sort of sandy valley that you cross in a southerly direction and come back to your starting point. An encounter with triggerfish and crocodilefish are guaranteed on this splendid section of the route as well as Bluespotted stingrays (Taeniura lemma) and Cornetfish (Fistularia commersoni) that swim close to the surface.

  • North Of Gabr El Bint
  • 28°21.190′ N – 34°26.013′
  • big hard coral buttress thrusting out of the

coast for a dozen of meters distinguishes the site of Gabr el-Bint. This site offers two dives: the dive to the north of the buttress is the more interesting, the second is done southwards. The landscape is fantastic both below and above water level, dominated by a splendid wall that descends into the blue decorated with table corals, Alcyonarians, fan and black corals that give life to shelters and small caves. You dive south of the hard coral buttress and descend to a A big Gorg