Sharm El Sheikh Dive Sites Tiran

Lagoona Reef

  • 27°59.847′ N – 34°28.915′ E
  • The western side of Tiran Island is
  • bordered by a madreporic formation standing over a splendid coral lagoon with an average depth of 10 to 12 meters, and known by scuba divers as Laguna Reef. A transverse hard coral wall divides the lagoon into two parts – North and South Laguna – both of which are marked by a beacon. South Laguna, the larger of the two and known amongst local fishermen as Marsa Shabir, is the best mooring point in the region and offers safe shelter
  • from any unfavourable sea conditions. Its marvellous turquoise waters are a truly unforgettable sight. You can access South Laguna by going around its beacon. The outer side of Laguna Reef is an interesting dive site in the rea between the North Laguna beacon (which is green and white) and the South Laguna one (green). This area is strongly influenced by tidal currents which will determine the southerly or northerly direction of your dives, which should be made preferably in the afternoon.
  • The green and white beacon of North Laguna
  • The green beacon of South Laguna
  • South of the South Laguna beacon, at a depth of 15-25 meters, is a wide plateau with large table corals (Acropora sp.) that narrows gradually in a northward direction, becoming a steep wall rich in reef fauna that swims among numerous species of hard and soft corals and some gorgonians. Near North Laguna, there is another plateau with many colonies of table corals and fire corals.
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