Dahab Dive Sites


  • 28°29.941′ N – 34°31.193′ E
  • Lighthouse is situated on parasols, sunbeds and bathers. In this way you come back to the northern point of The site embraces the extreme your starting point.
  • the Assalah bay in the point of the bay descending An alternative route and less area known as ‘Masbat’. Despite into the blue to a depth of frequented than the first one is its name, you will not find more than 25 meters creating highly recommended for a lighthouse here that indicates two huge inlets. The western the entry to the bay as it is a one has a sandy bottom with few hundred meters away to many hard coral towers. The west. Lighthouse maybe classic route winds along with the most frequented site in the sandy ledge, going around the Dahab due to its proximity to towers that reach up to the majority of the dive centres. depth of 30 meters and then Different diving routes can ascend slowly to a level of chosen, ideal for beginners as 8-12 meters following the reef well as experienced divers. wall rich with shelters inhabited Entry into the water is very by plentiful fauna that easy in all sea conditions and is comprises of breams, parrotfish, from the beach packed with lionfish and groupers.
  • photographers and naturalist divers. This dive site is called ‘The Dump’ where you dive to the west over a sandy slope covered by a thick blanket of sea grass belonging to the genus of Halophila (H. stipulacea and H. ovalis). Take your time observing the abundant fauna: some octopus (genus Octopus), pufferfish (family of Tetradontidae) and juvenile forms of many other fish genera that find safe shelters here.