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Pharoah’s Island

Pharoah’s Island, Coral Island lies about 30 minutes by boat from the Hilton jetty, approximately 250m off the Sinai coast. It is a small island surrounded by corals. On the island is a castle built by Crusaders in the twelfth century and recently restored by the Council of Egyptian Antiquities. This castle, dominated by Salah El Din, the king of Egypt at this time, was used to control the trade of foodstuffs coming from Asia and demand taxes from pilgrims on their way to Mecca. From here you will have amazing views of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel. The island has much for non-divers to see so there is plenty for the whole family.

As far as the diving goes, the area is completely sheltered of waves and current, and fit for divers of all capabilities as well as snorkelers. The depth starts at 3m up to 30m. You can do two different dives here and see an abundance of marine life such as glass fish, flying fish, sea cucumbers, turtles, eagle rays, grouper fish, frog fish, nudibranch, crocodile fish, table corals and some wonderful sea sponges