Marsa Alam miejsca nurkowe

Shaab Ghadir

  • GPS: N 24° 51,767′ E 35° 03,783′
  • General Information
  • Shaab Ghadir Soghayr lies in the northern part of the Radir/Ghadir group about 8 km off the mainland and 29 km south of Marsa Alam. The egg-shaped bank reef is 330 m long and 220 m wide. Apart from a few daily boats, not many liveaboards moor here, so not too many divers are found underwater.
  • A small erg rises to the south that along with the main reef forms a channel for the current, where a colony of garden eels A inhabits the sand feeding on the plankton in the current at its northern side. Note that they are very shy and immediately disappear into their holes when approached carelessly. Their whereabouts are revealed by disturbed sand clearly distinguishable from the rest of the sandy seabed.
  • To the north, the reef is preceded by a large coral garden with towering rocks A, which form a small labyrinth. The usually strong current splits here and flows along both sides of the reef towards the south. On the western side, the magnificent coral garden continues along the reef wall A up to the erg in the south. This richly covered side ends at a depth of 15 m at the bright white sandy seabed A dotted with small coral rocks. This scenery, combined with often excellent visibility, provides an enchanting dive with wonderful photo opportunities. In contrast, the eastern side is rather barren and rugged, and though it has its charm, diving there is not recommended,
  • Shaab Ghadir Soghayr is suitable for beginners and advanced divers. Unfortunately, most captains do not stay here overnight, so you will hardly have an opportunity to go for a night dive.
  • Shaab Ghadir Soghayr
  • Dive Routes
  • Route A: northern tip -mooring (afternoon)
  • Duration: 65 min. Difficulty: ** Be sure to check the current before diving. When a strong current flows to the east, you will be unable to reach the beautiful western side and will have to dive across the coral garden A to the less interesting eastern side. The entry point is more suitable in this case. Go by RIB to the entry point. Descend to the coral garden A at a depth of 18 m and dive along the reef back to the mooring 1, keeping the reef on your left shoulder. It is best to swim across the boundary between the coral garden and the seabed A at 15 m so that you can explore both attractions. Before you reach the erg at 16 m towards the end of the dive, you will encounter a colony of garden eels A. Finally, continue through the channel and back to the ship.
  • Route B: western side-mooring (afternoon)
  • Duration: about 45 min. Difficulty: * This route is the same as a route . However, its entry point ® lies further to the south allowing you to dive with the current from the beginning of the dive.
  • Route C: mooring Duration: about 40 min. Difficulty: *
  • Dive from the mooring to the northeast through the channel between the reef and the erg. However, note that you may have to dive against the current here. You will see a colony of garden eels A on the seabed at the end of the channel. Continue further to the north, keeping the reef on your right shoulder, and then turn around after half of your dive time and dive with the coral garden A on your left shoulder back to the boat.
  • Tips / Hazards
  • • The western side is more interesting than the eastern side
  • Occasionally difficult currents in the north • Stay as still as possible to see the eels
  • Ghadeira Radir / Radir umm Halalla