GPS – Position 26° 39.18′ N 34° 06.58′ E Depth: Top of the reef 3m, plateau 10-30m, dropping to abyss Location. Around 100 mins from Safaga. Conditions: Like Middle Reef and Panorama.this site is located in the open sea and exposed to the weather. The current can be brutal and some .experience is required for …


Wreck “Salem Express”

GPS – Position 26° 38.38′ N 34° 03.67′ E The Salem Express was a 4,471 GRT Roll On/Roll Off (RO/RO) Passenger ferry originally named the Fred Scamaroni built at Forges & Ateliers et Chantiers de Mediterranee (Yard No. 1367), La Seyne, France, for the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique, Marseille, France.

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SHAAB SAIMAN Depth: 8-25m, sloping to 60m+ Location: Around 60 mins from Safaga. Conditions: Exposed to both the weather and current, it is often not possible to dive this site. Overview: A ridge flanking the coast connected to the coastal reef by a ravine. The ridge extending on the east side has a shelf from …



GPS – Position 26° 44.94′ N 34° 4.9′ E Depth: 2-18m, plateau to 35m, then sheer drop-off 100m+ Location: Around 75 mins from Safaga. Conditions: Some experienced required. The current can be ripping, and on a windy day, the sea here can be rough. Overview: The moorings are to the southwest of this large oval-shaped …