Dolphin House Trip

Feel the sensational presence of dolphins in the Red Sea near Hurghada in Egypt. You will never forget an underwater encounter with our playful friends

Program Details

Feel the sensation of the presence of dolphins in the Red Sea near Hurghada in Egypt. You will never forget an underwater encounter with our playful friends in Dolphin House Hurghada.

The Dolphin House trip makes you part of the sensation of swimming  with dolphins in their natural Red Sea habitat. The Dolphin House is undoubtedly the most popular destination of all our Red Sea trips. There’s a great chance you will spot a lot of dolphins, but a success rate cannot be guaranteed.

About Dolphin House Hurghada Trip

On the day of the trip you will be collected from your holiday location and taken to our center.  The trip starts at 7:30am and by 9:00am we should be arriving at a place called Sha’ ab El Erg. Meanwhile you can watch the awakening Red Sea and soak up the morning sun rays.

Sha’ ab El Erg features a wide variety of very nice corals and vibrant fish life but derives her world wide fame mainly from the presence of an abundance of dolphins.

Dolphin House Hurghada Trip

At our first stop we have two hours of snorkeling for you in store, meanwhile swimming  with dolphins and watching them being happy and free in their natural environment.

Then we move on to the second spot where you will enjoy our lunch buffet, freshly cooked on board. After lunch we go out snorkeling again.

On arrival at 4pm at our center we will transfer you back to your location.

During your encounter with dolphins you must realise, regardless of their playlike behaviour, our famous friends are basically essentially predators, living in the wild. They must be respected with great consciousness.

As tempting and ‘cuddly’ dolphins appear, they should never ever be touched. Just enjoy passive interaction and keep a respectful distance. Let the dolphins decide if they want to play. Always respect their comfort zone.

Therefore regulations and guidelines have been drawn which you must follow very strictly during this trip. Here are some suggestions for a proper conduct when meeting dolphins. Our friends will be very thankful if you follow these simple directions:

  • Glide very gently and quietly from a sitting position into the water
  • Always use lifejacket, fins, mask and snorkel
  • Keep your arms close to your body, move only your fins without excessive splashes
  • Don’t approach the animal directly. Swim parallel and never dive down directly from above
  • Never dive down when the animal is resting
  • Never touch the animal because diseases can be mutually transmitted
  • Don’t make any unnecessary noises

We are one of the companies renowned and appreciated for their sensible and respectable dolphins approach. We strive least possible impact on dolphins and their environment. Our top priority is the welfare of the animals. At the end of the day we all benefit.

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