Ras Mohamed Sharm el Sheikh miejsca nurkowe

Eel Garden

  • 27°45.900′ N – 34°15.200′ E
  • Eel Garden, situated in front of a small beach
  • south of Jackfish Alley and immediately before Shark Observatory, is accessible by land. Here, the impressive fossil coral cliff which stretches from Ras Mohammed to Ras Za’atar diminishes in height and gives way to passage. Eel Garden is well sheltered from the currents, but since it is exposed to prevailing winds and waves, you must pay attention to the condition of the sea, especially if you are diving from the shore. Very few scuba divers visit this
  • a place which is nonetheless very interesting from the biological point of view. The dive is extremely easy and the route winds through the sandy plateau slightly inclined to the east opposite the beach. On the central part of the sandy ledge, there is a small cave out of which appears to flow an impressive V-shaped stream of sand. The middle section of the plateau is populated by a lovely colony of Garden eels (Gorgasia sillneri) belonging to the Congridae family This species is endemic and

Garden eels (Gorgasia sillneri)

  • can exceed 80 centimetres in length. The eels emerge from the sand for about two- thirds of their length, swaying in the current in search for their favourite food, plankton.
  • Their lairs, which they never abandon, are cylindrical holes dug out of the sand, the grains of which are held together by a special secretion from a gland near the eels’ tail.
  • These creatures must be approached with extreme caution,
  • since they are very
  • timid and will slip quickly back into their lairs at the first sign of danger.
  • Comments. Do not dive if the sea conditions are not good and especially if there are waves. • It is advisable to approach the eels from the north very slowly in order not to frighten them. • The morning hours are best for taking photos of the garden eels.
  • Features • The best place to observe Garden eels. • A good site for snorkelling.