Dahab miejsca nurkowe

Eel Gardens

  • 28°30.309′ N – 34°31.199′ E

  • the population of Garden eels (Gorgasia sillneri) and are the main attraction for scuba divers. Eel Gardens is situated about 1.5 kilometres north of Lighthouse in the Assalah bay to which it is connected by a pedestrian walkway surrounding the bay. Access by vehicle is allowed through a small internal asphalted road. Eel Gardens is well frequented, yet it is a small, peaceful oasis shaded by some palm trees with two or three pleasant restaurants that
  • The reef platform here is about 60 meters wide and as always it is wise to enter the water at high tide so that you can swim over the reef rather than walking on it. After having passed an extensive zone colonized by marine plants or seagrass on your right, you reach a winding channel at 2–3 meters through which you exit to the outside of the reef beside a small madrepore promontory You bypass this keeping it on you left and then after a dozen meters you come to a

  • vast slope covered by light sand from where hundreds of Garden eels come out and wave with the waters. You can stop at the coral garden situated close to the channel on your way back: here, between table corals and some Massive pore corals, swim unicornfish (genus Naso), butterflyfish (genus Chaetodon) and in the crevices some small Grey morays (Siderea grisea) find shelter
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