Dahab miejsca nurkowe Dahab miejsca nurkowe

Golden Blocks

  • Golden Blocks Moray Garden
  • This site is situated some hundred meters south
  • of Happy Life Village tourist hotel in front of the small Bedouin restaurant called Wadi Qnai. Moray Garden is also known as ‘Shark’s Cave and is reached by car taking the coastal road from El-Qura bay, a distance of approximately 10 kilometres. The truth is that there are neither caves nor sharks, yet some Giant morays (Gymnothorax javanicus) might be seen here, especially in the northern area. Entering the water is easy from the shingle
  • beach, and protected from waves. The diving route permits exploration of another site at the same time which is situated about a hundred meters further to the north called Golden Blocks due to its two hard coral towers of a golden colour that you can just see from the shore at low tide. Descend over a sandy slope passing an extensive area with seagrass (Halophila stipulacea) on the right, then proceed northwards to a depth of 16-20 meters where an interesting reef area starts characterised by numerous
  • pinnacles and madrepores around which swarm shoals of fusiliers and trevallies. Continue northwards with the reef on your left and you reach the Bedouin restaurant at Moray Garden