Hamata miejsca nurkowe

Gota Showarit

GPS: N 24° 22,483′ E 35° 22,000′

  • General Information
  • Gota Showarit lies at the end of a large fringing reef that surrounds the island of Showarit and extends far to the north. It is located 5 km off the mainland and about 10 km north of Hamata. The small egg-shaped reef has a length of 180 m and width of 110 m providing easy diving conditions since it is sheltered from the wind and waves by the two islands Siyul and Showarit. The reet currently gets few visitors, since liveaboards rarely moor here. Furthermore, though daily boats do come here, they are few because of the relatively small number of resorts in the south-a fact that will certainly change in the course of the coming years.

  • The small reef would be rather unspectacular if it were not for the huge coral garden A A on its western side, which leaves nothing to be desired. A variety of soft and hard corals grow close together in the garden, while large numbers of the usual reef inhabitants swim about. Massive clusters of fire corals A also grow here out of the ground. Beneath the moorings 1 to the south, the reef wall is somewhat sparse. Metal beams that have fallen overboard are found here, as well as some ruined areas. The entire reef is enclosed by the seabed at an average depth of 20 m.
  • Although it is possible to swim around all of Gota Showarit in one dive, it is best to stay on the western side, since the other sides are barren. A mild current flows from the north at times, in which case it is, of course, possible to take a RIB to the north to avoid diving against the current during the first part of the dive.
  • Gata Showarit is unfortunately too small to provide reliable shelter to moor at overnight, which prevents night dives, though the reet would be ideal for them
  • Route A: mooring – coral garden (A)
  • Duration: 50-60 min. Difficulty: *
  • Start the dive directly from the liveaboard’s diving platform. The seabed below lies at a depth of about 10 to 15 m. Head west keeping the reef on your right shoulder until the wall curves to the north, where the coral garden A A, which extends along the entire western side, starts. Note that by leaving the shelter of the reef, you will enter an area through which a current may flow. Follow the slope to the north and turn back at the end of the coral garden. You will be able to explore the entire coral garden if you stay at a depth of about 15 m until you reach the turning point and at a depth of between 8 to 10 m on your way back to the mooring.
  • Route B: coral garden -mooring Duration: 30-45 min. Difficulty: *
  • This route is like route A, except that you dive from a RIB to the north. It is suitable if a strong current flows from the north to the south.
  • Go by RIB to the northern side and then dive with the reef on your left shoulder back to the boat 1. Because the reef is only 180 meters long, take your time to explore the coral garden A A, otherwise, you will quickly find yourself back at the boat.
  • Tips / Hazards • Very easy diving conditions • Dive at the western side the northern and eastern sides
  • are barren. Check the current before diving • Fire corals-keep a distance