Deep South St. Johns St. Johns miejsca nurkowe

Habili Ali

  • Habili Ali is the easternmost of St. John’s reefs. and marks the boundary to the open sea. The 270 m long and 80 m wide reef lies 44 km .from the Egyptian coast, 12.5 km east of Umm Arouk .and 32 km southwest of Zabargad Island. Like all habilis, Habili Ali also ends .a few meters below the surface providing little protection. from the wind and waves, which is why the reet can only be approached. in calm weather.

  • All along the southern side, there are a lot of places for liveaboards to moor 1, and they frequently visit this reef making it at times quite busy underwater —especially in the early morning since the site is ideal for early morning dives. The current is generally .strong resulting in lush coral growth and attracting big fish. to the reef. Encounters with hammerhead sharks, grey reef sharks. and even manta rays are possible here.
  • Magnificently covered reef walls. A plunge on all sides into the deep-reaching the seabed .only at 200 m. From 40 m downwards, clusters of sea fans A grow on .the reef. at regular intervals. They have a diameter of up to several metres. and find .a rich supply of food in the current. Further up, near the eastern side, small overhangs A line the reef wall at a depth of 13 m. In some places, the reef flat A already starts at a depth of 10 m. It is abundantly covered with corals and provides beautiful .opportunities to take photos in the sunlight. The surge pushes the divers gently .over the underwater scenery, which is inhabited. by many anthias, surgeonfish and triggerfish.
  • Habili Ali is undoubtedly one of the highlights. of St. John’s reefs, but because of its currents, waves and depth it is not suitable for the new diver

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