Marsa Alam miejsca nurkowe

Habili Marsa Alam

  • GPS: N 25° 04,167′ E 34° 56,617′
  • General Information
  • Southeast of Shaab Marsa Alam, a circular rock formation known as Habili Marsa Alam rises from the seafloor. It lies 550 m from the southern tip of Shaab Marsa Alam and measures approximately 130 m across. Because of its exposure outside the shelter of the main reef, diving is only possible here if conditions allow it. As with all habilis, large liveaboards cannot moor here during strong winds and big waves. You can, of course, take a RIB from the moorings at Shaab Marsa Alam, which takes about 10 minutes, but it is not a pleasant ride on rough seas. However, when conditions are calm, this dive site is an excellent alternative to the often-crowded main reef and is also suitable for less experienced divers.
  • All around the habili, the seabed is dotted with numerous coral rocks at an average depth of 20 mA, where various fish swim about, such as the rather common blue-spotted stingray or even butterflyfish, pufferfish and boxfish. A few coral pinnacles A can be found close to the reef at its southwestern side with recesses that can easily be entered. However, the reef top A is undoubtedly its most beautiful area, where the underwater landscape teems with life at a depth of 5 to 2 m. It is covered with hard and soft corals and shoals of anthias, surgeonfish and another marine life bustle about. Note however that because of the short distance to the surface, strong surges can occasionally force inattentive divers against the corals. Also note that night dives are unfortunately not possible at the site, because of its lack of a safe mooring, and because a trip by RIB in the dark would be too risky.
  • Habili Marsa Alam
  • Dive Routes
  • Route A: circling the reef Duration: about 45 min.
  • Either descend directly from the liveaboard if it is moored here or go by RIB to the entry point. If a current is present, we recommend descending in the north A, so you can drift along the reef with the current, otherwise, you can choose any point of entry around the reef.
  • Descend to the seabed at 20 m and circle the habili clockwise or counterclockwise. Then, either at the end of the dive or during it, gradually ascend to the reef flat A. Make sure to save enough air to explore it, since you can easily spend a third of your dive time here without getting bored. If you dive back to the boat ., be sure to maintain your depth at 5 m when approaching your liveaboard and release your SMB to avoid getting injured by RIB propellers. Another option is to ascend at the reef flat, where no boats come by and then swim at the surface to the leeward side of the reef and return by RIB.