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Rocky Island

  • General Information
  • GPS: N 23° 33,800′ E 36° 14,900′ Dive Routes
  • All dive routes list flows from the so the north, adjust y
  • Rocky Island lies just 5 km southeast of Zabargad Island. However, because it measures only 540 m across at its longest, it provides much less shelter from the elements in comparison. This has its advantages though, as the currents rich in nutrients support the marine life of the island in abundance. The island’s reef walls are densely covered with corals, and sharks often come here. Below at a depth of 90 m and more rests the wreck of the Maidan. All of this naturally attracts many divers, who enjoy coming here. However, they usually spread out tolerably among the various dive sites, so the reef is usually not too crowded.
  • Route A: s
  • Duration: Be sure to check to enter the water f current will sweep Then descend current back to t

  • Although the island is large enough to moor at overnight, the captains prefer the safe moorings at Zabargad Island or St. John’s reefs—night diving is in any case not possible here. The currents usually flow from the south to the north and are particularly strong on the western and eastern sides. They are also subject to considerable fluctuations because of the island’s exposure. Always keep in mind that the currents at this site may flow differently than expected.
  • Route B:
  • Duration Enter the wat Descend to ac keeping it on you will reach found in the bl the current inside and return
  • Go by RIB tc m and dive shoulder. T usually blo
  • The Island is surrounded by a fringing reef, whose abundantly overgrown walls A plunge past a few protrusions to a depth of 600 m. Anthias and surgeonfish swirl about
  • All dive routes listed below assume that the current flows from the south. Should the current flow from the north, adjust your dive accordingly.
  • Route A: southern side (all day)
  • Duration: about 50 min. Difficulty: ** Be sure to check the current before diving. If you enter the water from the RIB in the wrong place, the current will sweep you to the west. Enter at the point. Then descend and dive along with the wall A with the current back to the boat 1.
  • Route B: eastern tip
  • Duration: about 45 min. Difficulty: *** Enter the water directly from the liveaboard. Descend to a depth of 30 m and dive along the reef keeping it on your left shoulder. After a short while, you will reach the eastern tip A, where big fish are found in the blue. Take care not to get swept away by the current into the open sea. The surface on the north side and return by RIB.
  • Route C: northwestern side (morning)
  • Duration: about 50 min. Difficulty: ** Go by RIB to point . Descend to a depth of 25 to 30 m and dive along the reef keeping it on your right shoulder. The route from here to the western side is usually blocked by a current.
  • A Tips / Hazards
  • • Richly overgrown reef walls • Possible shark sightings at the eastern tip A . Steep walls—watch your depth
  • Strong currents possible-stay close to the reef • Check the current before diving