The Fury Shoals

Sataya South

  • GPS N 24°09,383′ E 35° 42,883
  • General Information. With a diameter of 4700 m, Sataya is the largest reef in the Fury Shoals .and forms the southernmost limit of the reef group, 15 km off the mainland. The reef is also known as “Dolphin Reef” because of its lagoon. is home to a population of dolphins. Because of its large size, other dive sites, such. as Sataya West and Sataya Amphoras, are found here. However, the most visited site by far is Sataya South, since there are safe overnight moorings that liveaboards willingly use. Therefore, it is appropriate for night diving and ideal for early morning dives.
  • On the exposed outer side of the reef, an impressive wall A drops past some ledges to a depth of 150 m. The frequently strong current has led to dense coral growth and often attracts big fish to the reef. On the sheltered side of the reef to the south, lies a large lagoon where the seabed A has an average depth of 10 m. It extends into the southern wall below the moorings 2, where a series of coral rocks A rise, onto which the ships moor. The entrance to the lagoon is flanked by a large coral garden A, which starts at a depth of 25 m and rises along the reef wall to 5 m below the surface A.

  • Sataya provides different diving conditions depending on the diving route. While dives on the outside of the reef demand higher diving skills because of the waves, currents and depth, the calm and shallow lagoon can safely be explored by beginners. We recommend staying close to the coral rocks A, as there is the most to see there. In addition, it is difficult to find your way along the uniform sandy seabed, and it is sometimes made even harder because of limited visibility. If your ship is moored near the coral garden A, the spot below is definitely the best place to dive, apart from the outer steep walls.
  • Duration: about 50 min. Difficulty: ** This route is ideal for an early morning dive. Go by RIB to the eastern side. Descend to a depth of about 35 m and keep a lookout for big fish in the blue. Slowly ascend again while diving back to the moorings along the wall A, keeping it on your right shoulder. Before you reach the edge of the lagoon, you will come across a coral garden starting at 25 m A. If you stay at a depth of 10 to 15 m while following the course of corals, you will reach the lagoon. Spend some time in the shallows before slowly ending your dive with a safety stop, and then either head straight back to your boat or go by RIB, depending on where your boat is moored 2.
  • Dive Routes
  • Route A: eastern side-mooring
  • Route B: mooring
  • Duration: 30-60 min. Difficulty: * This route is for night diving. Descend directly from the liveaboard, where the sandy seabed A lies at an average depth of 10 m. Always stay close to the coral rocks A and explore the area below the boat 1.
  • Route C: northern side
  • Duration: 40–60 min. Difficulty: *** Go by RIB to entry point o. Descend to 40 m and dive in the direction of the current with the reef on your right shoulder, while keeping an eye out for big fish in the blue and then slowly ascend. Slowly end your dive and return to the boat by RIB.
  • Tips / Hazards • The outer reef side is only suitable for experienced divers Encounters with big fish are possible at the outer reef
  • Dolphin Reef South

  • Sataya South