PADI Scuba Diver is a beginning level of scuba certification and a subset of PADI Open Water diver certification. Sometimes this level is called Guided Diver.

It appeals to individuals for a variety of reasons:

Desire to be under full supervision of a dive professional on all guided dives.

Constrained by limited amount of time to complete a full program.  This course is the beginning half of the full PADI Open Water certification program and hence, can be completed in less time.

Needs extra time to gain more comfort, improve skills and gain additional experience with more scuba diving prior to full certification.

This certification uses the same classroom training materials as Open Water certification and requires the completion of 2 Open Water ocean dives.  PADI Scuba Divers can enjoy the same privileges as Open Water certified divers to rent or buy scuba gear, go on dive trips and continue their training. Students will be required to complete (subset or all) academic training and pool skills prior to completing their Open Water dives.  Personal gear known as a snorkel package consisting of mask, fins, snorkel, booties, gloves and gear bag are also required for the program.

Scuba Diver certification is not for everyone as there are a couple of limitations which include:

Accompanied on all dives with a Dive Pro at all times, no independent diving is allowed;

Dives may not be deeper than 40 feet (or less depending on conditions, skill and experience);

May limit the types of diving available such as night, deep, wreck, drift, etc. 

If you ready to become a Scuba Diver, come talk to us to fully understand the differences.

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