El Gouna

Shaab El Erg

GPS – Position27° 23.39′ N 33° 52.05′ E

Depth: 0-18m at the main reef. leading to a sheer drop-off Location: Around 90 mins from central Hurghada. Conditions: The reef is located in an unprotected .open area but the lagoon offers sheltered moorings. This site is a good choice for all levels of diver.

Overview: Part of this site is also known .as Dolphin House. A horseshoe-shaped reef surrounds a lagoon with a shallow sandy bottom .and small pinnacles scattered around. The reef opens to .the south and harbours several dive sites. The west side and the reef just south .(Gota Shaab El Erg) are by far the most popular.

Dive plan: The reef offers a variety of dives. from coral gardens to pinnacles on a sandy seabed.

The west side of the main reef .is a wall that finishes .on the bottom at 13m on .a shelf sloping towards the drop off. A channel opens up and leads to the lagoon and the mooring area.

Another good dive plan is to start from the boat and swim clockwise around .the Gota and visit the coral garden .south of the reef.

What to see: This site is very well-known for dolphin .encounters due to the shape of the reef. On the flat sandy sea floor. blue spotted rays and other bottom feeders .feast on a rich range of invertebrates. The top of the reef is patrolled by. all sorts of schooling fish. If you’re lucky, you may also meet .a turtle exploring the coral garden.