Marsa Alam miejsca nurkowe


GPS: N 24° 40,217′ E 35° 08,850

  • General Information
  • Shalaniat is part of a group of reefs that lie 2 km west of the island of Wadi Gemal and 4 km east of the mainland. The reef is 250 m long at its longest and is sheltered from the wind and waves by Wadi Gemal and the nearby bank reef Dahara, which is why the dive site is often moored at overnight. Though fewer boats come here than to Dahara, a couple of boats usually moor here at the same time.
  • The conditions at the site are generally good for beginners, though the currents are at times unreliable and can change course several times during a dive. Nevertheless, they are generally weak and are therefore of no great significance, though they stir up a lot of sand from the extensive seabed and therefore limit the visibility.
  • The rather sparsely covered walls of the reef A fall to a depth of 10 m before ending at the seabed A, which is covered with coral rocks and hosts sea slugs, stonefish and other marine creatures. However, the most interesting part of the reef lies 70 m to the north, where several large rocks form a small habili densely overgrown with corals A A that reaches up to 4 m below the surface in some places. These individual rocks form a small labyrinth, so keep an eye on your compass to avoid losing your way. You can also dive back to the main reef across the seabed (be sure to get the compass bearing from the RIB before diving). However, it makes sense to spend all of your dive time at the habili.
  • The southern side of the reef has the right conditions for a night dive, and despite its barren landscape it hosts a surprising number of small life forms—you just have to keep an eye out for them.
  • Dive Routes
  • Route A: northern habil
  • Duration: about 50 min. Difficulty: ** Go by RIB to the entry point and be sure to take the compass bearing to the main roof before diving. Descend above the coral garden to the seabed at 15 m and dive to the south past the habili A A and across the seabed to the main reef. Be sure not to lose your bearing, since the changing currents might move you from your course without you noticing it. It is also difficult to orient yourself on the seabed. Once you have reached the main reef, dive along the reef back to the mooring, keeping the reef on your left shoulder. You can also dive back to the boat along the eastern side. To do so, take the bearing to the eastern reef tip A before diving and follow that course.
  • Route B: northern habili
  • Duration: 30-50 min. Difficulty: * Go by RIB to the point above the habili e and explore the coral garden A A. Since it is enclosed by the sandy seabed, there is no risk of diving away from it. Slowly end your dive at the top of the habili and return by RIB.
  • Route C: mooring
  • Duration: 30-50 min. Difficulty: * This route is suitable for night dives. Dive directly from the boat and explore the area below the moorings.
  • Tips / Hazards The coral garden to the north A of the main reef offers the best dives Mostly mild currents that may change course
  • during the dive • Busy RIB traffic-be careful when surfacing

Shalaniat Wadi Gemal / Ashalaniat