Dahab miejsca nurkowe

The Napoleon Reef

  • 28°28.250′ N – 34°30.456′ E
  • This site is situated a few hundred meters from
  • the Islands by the sandy tongue that borders the north of the El-Qura bay, and in front of the huge tourist hotel structures built on the other side of the bay. The area is called Laguna (‘Lagoon’) and also comprises a second site called ‘The Seven Pinnacles’. Napoleon Reef is best reached by boat or zodiac as it lies around 450 meters away from the beach. This huge madrepore tower is separated by a channel from the half-submerged reef: it comes up from a sandy seabed
  • at around 20 meters depth and is frequented by plentiful fauna and some Napoleonfish (Cheilinus undulates) to whom this site owes its name. West from Napoleon Reef is The Seven Pinnacles which are of little interest, yet accessible by the shore and characterised by an incredible number of Diadem sea urchins (Diadema setosum), and sometimes an octopus (genus Octopus) swims between them.