Dahab Dive Sites

Ras Abu Helal

  • 29°32.535′ N – 34°30.977′ E
  • Ras Abu Helal
  • as Abu Helal, which means ‘Cape of the
  • growing moon’, is situated 3 kilometres south of the Canyon. At this point, the coast actually has a slight indentation but the reef forms an underwater buttress around which diving takes place, The shore entry to the site is by an old sign immediately south of the buttress. You descend to a sandy lagoon with a semicircular shape at a depth between 7 and 12 meters; keeping the reef to the left, explore the underwater
  • lionfish, some groupers, the ever-present anthias, triggerfish, unicornfish and butterflyfish: sometimes turtles are drawn to this site where they find tender Broccoli-corals (Lithophyton arboreum) and other Alcyonarians. You might come across a strong current from the north (the direction of the dominant winds) by the tip of the promontory. If sea conditions dictate, the route can be inversely dived