Sharm El Sheikh Dive Sites

Ras Burg

  • 27°45.376′ N – 34°15.162′ E

  • the site which is about 500 meters south of Ras Za’atar: it is a dive site illustrated and suggested for the first time in this guide. The site is certainly less spectacular than the one at Ras Za’atar, but its wall has a similar configuration and it offers the double advantage of not yet being crowded and is practically intact. The dive starts at a fossil coral pinnacle jutting out of the water for a couple of meters like a tower which gave this site its name (Ras Burg is Arabic for

  • Tower Cape’). Descend along the wall where some Bluespine unicornfish (Naso unicornis) and schools of fusiliers (genus Coesio) cruise up to a depth of 20 meters, keeping the wall to your right. After some dozens of meters, you reach a wide chimney with an open summit, recalling the one of Ras Za’atar. in the inside, you can admire
  • a vast number of gorgonians of sparkling yellow colour, Red sponges (Cliona vastifica), siphon sponges, butterflyfish (genus Chaetodon) and anthias in its upper part which forms an arch
  • with its roof ascending to 3.5 meters. After having visited the chimney, proceed along the wall from which numerous pinnacles with diverse forms jut out. You reach a second chimney, definitely less impressive than the previous one, whilst ascending gradually to the end of the dive. Hawksbill turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata), jackfish (genus Caranx) and fusiliers (genus Caesio) are common visitors to this site
  • Comments • Dive site suitable for small groups of scuba divers. • The first chimney, the main point of attraction, is relatively narrow and should not be visited by more than 3 to 4 scuba divers at a time, so as to avoid damage to the walls. • Excellent site for photographers, especially at midday when the sun is in the zenith.
  • Features • Site is little frequented with madrepores and Alcyonarians (soft corals) still intact. • Nice wall with an interesting chimney rich in fauna and colours. Generally sheltered by wind and waves.