Ras Mohamed Sharm El Sheikh Dive Sites

Ras Ghozlani

  • 27°47.527′ N – 34°15.752′ E
  • The deep bay of Marsa Bareika has the dive site
  • of Ras Ghozlani on its northern tip and Ras Za’atar to the south. The bay was opened to scuba divers only a few years ago, and access is still restricted and allowed on its outer sides only. A small stake with two banners, red and green, set into the sandy coast indicate the area not to be entered. There used to be two fixed moorings situated on the accessible coastal part which then were removed, so today the dive at Ras Ghozlani has to be done as a drift. The route winds along an
  • extensive sandy slope starting at a depth of 6 meters which descends to the drop-off
  • situated at around 25 to 30 meters. A series of coral pinnacles, often covered with red and pink soft corals and populated by dense schools of anthias, together with huge Acropora table and branching corals rise up from the sand, especially by the drop-off. This formation creates fantastic and fascinating landscapes that take over the aspect of a real coral forest, especially close to the entrance to the bay.
  • The table corals offer shelter to batfish (Platax sp.), glassfish or Pigmy sweepers (Parapriacanthus ransonneti) and groupers, whereas on the sandy slope there are Bluespotted stingrays (Taeniura lymma), pufferfish (genera Arothron and Diodon) and triggerfish (genera Odonus and Pseudobalistes). Unfortunately, the beauty of this site attracts numerous scuba divers who are slowly beginning to overcrowd this site.
  • Comments • Morning and afternoon dives can vary greatly, with the sunlight in the afternoon primarily illuminating the coral pinnacles and large hard corsi formations (genus Acropa close to the drop-off. • Sometimes there care la many scuba divers. • Current is never Strom often from north to south.
  • Features • It is one of the most beautiful dives in the Ras Mohammed area.
  • Possible to admire extraordinary table corals, still intact, as the dive site was opened to tourism only a few years ago. . Fantastic and surrealistic landscape.