Ras Mohamed

Ras Za’atar

  • 27°45.860′ N – 34°15.364
  • Ras Za’atar is the rocky promontory which
  • delimits the deep bay of Marsa Bareika to the south. The lack of a mooring (shamandura) means you have to make a drift dive that skirts the headland. This may be done in either direction, depending on the current; the most frequent moves northeast with the reef on your left. Since the most interesting part of the dive is around the headland, it is important to start your dive past the large crevice that can be seen on the coastline. The dive starts at a coral pinnacle
  • with a table coral situated at a depth of 21 meters and winds along the gorgeous wall which descends vertically. The wall is decorated by colourful Alcyonarians and lovely gorgonians with a peculiar horizontal disposition as well as colonies of Black coral (Antipathes dichotoma). It is a good idea to come up to a depth of 10 to 15 meters in order not to miss the spectacular chimneys which begin at this depth and narrow towards the surface where they open into the reef platform: from these crevices the rays of the sun
  • penetrate the recesses creating spectacular effects. In these chimneys, the typical inhabitants of crevices live Lionfish, Pigmy sweepers (Parapriacanthus ransonneti) and some big groupers (genus Epinephelus). Once past the tip of the wall, turn into Marsa Bareika bay over a sandy slope with many coral pinnacles that create a true coral garden. Jackfish, barracuda and some tuna cruise the blue in search of prey.
  • Comments • Keep at a depth of 10 to 15 meters if you want to visit the chimneys, the most scenic point of the dive. The current may get stronger around the headland.
  • Features • A splendid wall covered with multicoloured Alcyonarians. • On a level with the chimney further north there is a spectacular landscape. • Spectacular landscape at the northernmost chimney.