Marsa Alam Dive Sites

shaab Nakari

  • GPS: N 24° 56,550′ E 34° 59,133
  • General Information
  • Nakari lies 4 km off the Egyptian coast and 18 km south of Marsa Alam. Liveaboards seldom make a stop here, since the usual diving routes take them farther out to sea, and though it is more common to find daily boats here, the reef is still rarely crowded. It is quite a pity since the northern side of the 260 m long bank reef offers beautiful dives along walls covered with soft and hard corals, which concentrate at regular intervals to form large coral gardens AAA.
  • At a depth of 20 m, the reef is surrounded on all sides by the seabed dotted with small coral rocks, where interesting creatures such as the Red Sea walkman, whose tracks are found all over the sandy seabed, can be spotted. However, the entire southern side can unfortunately not be recommended to divers, since many parts of it have been damaged by randomly cast anchors. Diving a few metres to the north from the southern tip near the moorings I will give you an impression of that side of the reef, where you will find a gently descending and barren slope A Covered with the remains of dead corals.
  • The conditions at Nakari are usually excellent for beginners since the current is rarely more than moderate. Furthermore, during all of our dives, the visibility was at around 25 m or more. The more attractive northern side, unfortunately, lies in the shade from noon onwards making lovely dives in the sunlight only possible in the morning, and though night dives would be possible at the southern mooring, boats seldom stay here overnight.
  • Altogether, Nakari certainly provides an alternative for the first or last dives of a safari, especially if Shaab Marsa Alam is crowded.
  • Dive Routes
  • Route A: eastern tip-mooring Duration: 50 min. Difficulty: *
  • Be sure to check the current at the northern tip before diving, since the current splits here. If you choose the wrong point of entry, you will have to swim a long way against the current to avoid ending up on the unspectacular southern side.
  • Go by RIB to the entry point. Descend to the seabed at 18 to 20 m and dive back to the moorings I to the southeast, keeping the reef on your right shoulder. Start the dive by exploring the seabed with its many coral rocks, where marine life such as blue-spotted stingrays, crocodilefish and Redsea walkmen wait to be found. Gradually ascend along the reef wall during the dive. Though there are some barren areas, they are small, and you will mostly be diving along overhangs covered with soft and hard corals AA. Finally, dive around the southern tip and return to the boat 1. Be sure to always remain in sight of the reef to avoid getting lost.
  • Tips / Hazards
  • • Dive along the northeastern side-the reef walls in the
  • southwest is badly damaged. Check the current before diving and change your planned
  • entry point if necessary
  • Shaab Nakari / El Nakari