This is really two dives in one, you wade off the beach until the depth is about 2 metres, drop down and swim to the reef. With the reef on the left shoulder go deeper until you make out what looks like two lines coming up from the seabed. This is the Sinker, an old Israeli buoy that was sunk by mistake when they either measured the depth wrong or dropped it in the wrong place. The buoy is now underwater at a depth of 8 metres. Divers’ air bubbles have trapped under the buoy causing a mirror like effect and the chains going down to the seabed are covered in beautiful soft corals. Many lionfish hang around the chains. Once you have circumnavigated the chains up to the buoy it is time to head back to the reef which can clearly be seen when visibility is good. Your safety stop is done finning back to shore. An easy dive if there is no wind on the surface