The Elliot

  • Ras Dib Gulf of Suez 28.02.11N-33.24.95E
  • Elliot
  • The Elliot
  • Type of ship – Cargo Ship Launched – June 20th 1962, Olaveaga, Spain, as the ASK,
  • flagged as a Norwegian vessel
  • Completed – 1963 Builder – Euskalduna Shipyard (Yard no. 157)
  • Dimensions – 93.7m x 14.8m
  • Displacement – 2,870 grt 1973 – Renamed Zepmare
  • 1974 – Renamed Jutland 1980 – Sold to Wars Marine Co., Panama and renamed
  • Elliot Date of shipwreck – July 11th 1984
  • The loss of the Elliot
  • On July 11th 1984, the Elliot was steaming south in the Gulf of Suez with a 3500-ton cargo of chickpeas when she struck the reef just north of Ras Dib. The ship then sank in approx. 10 meters of water. No loss of life reported.
  • From the attitude of the wreck, she has driven ashore at full speed with her rudder straight.
  • There appears
  • to have been no time or need to avoid the grounding. She is bow down into the reef in 10 meters of water
  • her bow broken up and her starboard plates scattered around easily discernable on the scattered plates were a great help in confirming her identity.
  • The bow section
  • was easy to access although the inside was a mass of confused and torn steel. Here a large shoal of golden
  • hatchets has taken up residence.
  • Her hull side plates, which formed the main structure of her holds have
  • all collapsed and form a tangled jungle of steel with large girders, pies and flanges. Her superstructure,
  • partly flooded was accessed via the aft bulkhead,
  • allowing access into the engine room, generating plant,
  • workshops and accommodation area. The sea bed was littered with many interesting items, such as riding
  • lights complete with lenses, and her anchor light still stood proud on its mast.