Dahab Dive Sites

Three Pools

Three Pools is 300 meters south of

  • Moray Garden and is also situated just in front of a small Bedouin restaurant. The sea entry is marked by a big signboard that details the diving topography of the site. Its name derives from three real natural pools formed in the reef plate that have a sandy bottom with a depth between 3 and 4 meters aligned one after the other. You best start your dive at Three Pools with the high tide as you pass from one pool to the other much easier; after the
  • exploration of the third – and biggest – one, exit into open water. You might come across small Red Sea Moses sole
  • (Pardachirus marmoratus), half-hidden in the sand on the clear seabed of this last pool and some Blackspotted pufferfish
  • (Arothron stellatus). Once out into the open sea you find a hard coral slope with Massive pore corals (Porites solida) and small pinnacles between which there are Salad corals (Turbinaria mesenterina) and Brain corals (genus Platygyra). Descend to a depth of 15-20 meters and start a big anticlockwise circle keeping the reef on your left: you admire this marvellous coral garden where – between
  • multicoloured soft corals and anemones guarded by their anemonefish – swim butterflyfish (genus Chaetodon), Bluespine unicornfish (Naso unicornis), parrotfish (genera Scarus, Chlorurus and Cetoscarus), as well as blue triggerfish (genera Odonus and Balistapus). End the dive by coming back to your starting point or if sea conditions permit you can continue your dive up to Moray Garden.